Services and Capabilities 

Tool and Die


Your Go-To Tool and Die Repair

We provide high quality maintenance and affordable die repair, die sharpening, and new punch and die prototyping for various die stamping systems. Sharp Tooling Company can service your dies against anything from wear resistance to poor die design.  

Tool and Die Services

  • Assembly
  • Blank and Form
  • Component of Die Replacement
  • CAD Modeling 
  • Design
  • First Hit Sample Parts
  • New Die Creation
  • Reengineering 
  • Repair
  • Sharpening and Reconditioning 


  • Complete Die Assembly 
  • Reverse Engineering 
  • Partial Die Repair 
  • Quality and Inspection
  • Die Efficiency Review 

Types of Dies We Service

Blanking dies

Blanking dies or cutting dies are used to cut or shear the metal. Blanking dies need to be made with the utmost precision for the manufacturing process to run smoothly. 

Compound Dies 

Compound dies allow you to finish a piece in one stroke by making the necessary internal and external cuts to at a single station. A compound die maintains exceptional part flatness which can be destroyed if not properly preserved.  

Forming Dies

Forming dies take a blank piece of metal and shapes it by bending, drawing, or curling without making any cuts. Most forming dies contain a male punch and a female cavity portion. Too often, these dies don’t receive proper lubrication causing inconsistent part quality.

Progressive Dies

Progressive dies move a piece of metal along a stock strip across multiple stations that then cuts out a different section at each station. The operation is complex making precision cuts critical. These dies need to perform accurately every time therefore, maintenance and care of the die is essential.

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