Our History

In 1982

Antoni's son Jay brought his straight forward approach and his deep commitment to customer satisfaction to the company. Jay's love of all things technical led him to introduce computers into their process for scheduling, designing, and planning business ventures.

In 1959

Antoni Czerniak left the machine shop he worked at to start Niagara Punch and Die in Buffalo, NY. He and his three partners bought a grinder, a mill, and a lathe, hung out their sign and got to work in a 20 x 20 garage. 

In 2014

Niagara Punch and Die changed it's name to Sharp Tooling Company. The name changed to reflect where the company has grown to, the "can-do" spirit and the willing to take care of customers and staff alike.

In 2016

Jay's son Jayson is leading the charge of the company. Leveraging the work of his father and grandfather along with his machining skills and eduation, Jayson has continued to push the company to turn out the highest quality, close tolerance machined parts.