Services and Capabilites 

Inspection Services

Inspection and Quality Services

Sharp Tooling Company offers a variety of in-house part inspection services including standardizing inspection reports for our customers, Our quality control will help you reduce any unnecessary risk, decrease overall part cost, and ensure all regulatory requirements are met.  We also utilize our inspection equipment to assist in the reverse engineer process of manufactured parts and tooling.  

Benefits of in-house inspection 

  • Reverse Engineering Technology
  • Guaranteed Quality 
  • Allows for Targeted Rework 
  • Improves Our Quality Control


  • Opitcal and 3D Multi-Sensor Measurement System (accuracy: up to 2µm) 
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester (5.5" throat x 8" height) 
  • Micro-Hite Gauge (14" vertical travel) 
  • Profilometer (surface finish tester) 
  • Optical Comparator (8" deep x 8" height) 
  • Additional Equipment Options (not listed)  

Have you considered  the benefits of reverse engineering?

  • Give Your Parts a Longer Life
  • Improved Performance With a Minor Modification
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs