CAD/CAM Services



  • CAD – 3D Direct Modeling (Spaceclaim)
  • CAD – 2D and 3D Modeling  (AutoCAD)
  • CAD – Lathe Programming Package (Alpha Plus)
  • CAM – Mill Programming Package (Esprit SolidMill)
  • CAM – Mill Programming Package (Accurite)
  • CAM – Wire Programming Package (OPTICAM Classic)
  • CAM – Lathe Programming Package (Alpha Plus)
  • CAM – Lathe Programming Package (DMG MORI Software Soultions)


Our CAD/CAM Services or Computer-Aided  Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Services can be a cost saving process from prototyping to final design solutions for 2D and 3D parts and tools. CAD/CAM can provide modeling for initial part design, part rework, and program manufacturing processes for CNC equipment. SpaceClaim enables us to do 3D modeling: AutoCAD is our main drafting software; Accurite software is used to program one of our vertical milling machines; Espirit SolidMill CAM software enables us to program our milling machines; OPTICAM Classic automates wire EDM programming;  Alpha Plus 800S is used to program one of our lathe applications; DMG MORI Software Solutions powers our versatile and high precision lathe.

Benefits of this Service

  • 3D Modeling 
  • Prototyping
  • Tool design 
  • Tool rework/redesign 
  • Inspection 
  • Validation